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About Aman Limje

I'm Aman, a digital marketing consultant and trainer with several proven-winning campaigns under my belt. I've helped more than 40 businesses in the past four years as a freelancer and in-house Digital Marketer. I specialize in restaurant marketing and have worked with several businesses of all shapes and kinds. If you're looking to boost your digital marketing journey and a headstart, then feel free to drop me a line - I'd love to chat!

About The Aman

Aman Limje is a freelancer cum entrepreneur and an expert in restaurant digital and social media marketing. He is also a skilled consultant, trainer, and creator. He has a qualified master's in Marketing Management.  Aman Limje started his career at age 21 as an SEO Executive and has about 7+ years of experience in marketing and Business Development.

Aman spearheads consultant, a digital marketing agency based out of Mumbai and Pune. Some of the best Social Media Strategists work together to drive results.  Aman believes ‘Digital Marketing is All About Practice’ and hence acclaimed organizations like BSE, Yumlean, Marketing Plus, Healthful Dairies, Natraj, House f Jamoti, Kurtoshhh, Kakke De Kulche, Artisans, Dieet Clinic, Project Albatross, Mrigaya Biriyani, Hunger Howl, Fryer Fighter, Shilp Group, Trdelink, Walk Fit, and others.

Owing to his passion for teaching Digital Marketing, in September 2022, Aman started Restro Marketing Aspirant, India’s first Restaurant marketing academy-styled Digital Marketing agency. It is situated in India and covers more than 12 different modules that touch all the significant aspects of Digital Marketing for restaurant Growth. The approach is more practical hands-on experience based, which goes beyond understanding the industry's training; this makes the students ready to work from day one.

Aman has been listed as Top Restaurant Marketer under the age of 28 by The Pune Mirror, and The Daily Beast. Aman has trained more than 100+ student professionals and 40 + Brands in the field of Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, and Facebook Advertisements and has offered his Services.


Aman is also a corporate trainer from the 2021 trained Team of marketing Project Albatross, Astran Fashion.

Aman is on a mission to reach out to Tire 1 and Tire 2 India Students, Freshers, and working professionals with 1 to 2 years of experience teaching Restaurant Digital Marketing. And hence he launched a free resource e-book, template, and content about Restaurant Digital Marketing course to help people define the purpose of using digital platforms for growth and upliftment. Aman has also authored some highly insightful blogs about the practical implementation of Restaurant Digital Marketing.


So if you are looking to hire an expert in SMM, SMO, SEO, and Personal Branding or restaurant Marketing, then book a consultation meeting with Aman now! For Consultation, call: +91 9096360058

What People Say

Aman Limje delivered Digital Marketing Services and Digital Marketing Training programs in the last 4 years to various organizations and individuals and this is what people got to say about him and his team’s work:

Karthi Kataria


I had a great time at the workshop. It was a good orientation in social media skills and it has helped me a lot in demystifying some of the platforms that exist today. Apart from the theory, the practical exercises during the workshop helped drill down the concepts better”.

Ketan Nagre


We have been using Aman  service for the last 1 years and are happy with the quality of service they provide. Social Media management requires a 24/7 ownership and we have been able to get that from Team Aman. With the right guidance and support, we have substantially grown our social presence. Thanks to Aman & team for being a great partner in our journey”

Swati Ahuja

Client Services Director

The good thing about Aman is, that he delivers as per expectation and provides good value for money. Has an intimate knowledge in his area of expertise and is very good in communicating the same

Learn Restaurant Digital Marketing with Online Classes

Certification Course with 100% support after 1 Month of Course

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