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Temple Runs The New Destination for Food Service Businesses. McD, Subway and BugerKing are 100% Veg

The Golden Temple, Shirdi, and Vaishno Devi are all well-known religious tourist cities.

These have become top places for multinational & Indian fast-food chains for business which is why they are changing their strategy and menu according to the consumer base.

Burger King, McDonald's India – North and East’, Domino's. Subway, ChaiPoint, etc., are setting up stores, at such pilgrimage complexes, which are well-known for offering large captive markets and a first-mover advantage. This is their physical first expansion presence after COVID.

Burger King CEO, Rajiv Karman, whose company opened its first store in Katra said that the Burger King facility is the first in the world that is 100% vegetarian and onion-garlic-free.

Vaishno Devi Shrine Board has also allocated two sites to McDonald’s which will become operational by September.

The new Burger King outlet in Katra, where the Vaishno Devi temple is located, has a menu that's 100% vegetarian—with no onions or garlic.

"Our new restaurant in Katra is the world's first Burger King outlet that is 100% vegetarian with no onion and garlic," said Rajeev Varman, chief executive of Burger King. "The food served at this restaurant is in line with expectations of devotees."

The Everstone Capital-backed company has 325 outlets across India, and it plans to open another 38 more by 2022.

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